What Our Clients Have To Say
Deirdre Callanan, Cork

Dr. Lynch is absolutely amazing at what she does. She made me feel at ease the minute I stepped into her office. Her patient follow-up is fantastic and my recovery has been a breeze thanks to her.

Elizabeth, Cork

I have read a few very distressing accounts of surgery for DD and my deepest sympathy to those who have gone through such an ordeal. I have been so fortunate with my experience. i am an 80 year old lady (Ihope!!) and have Dupuytrens Disease for many years. Radiation was tried some years ago to no effect. A month ago my little finger was bent so badly it touched my mid palm; ring finger and other fingers were on their way to join it .I garden a lot and it was getting harder and harder also lifting anything was very difficult. So I decided on surgery with local anaesthetic . The surgeon said this would restrict the amount of work she could do.
Getting the local injections was very painful but weird as it may seem I really enjoyed watching the operation! I had no pain at all after surgery not even an aspirin was needed. The improvement is amazing the little finger is almost straight from the palm side though the knuckle still looks bent but does not bother me at all. Back gardening a month after surgery. Yes i am so lucky to have had an excellent plastic surgeon and hand therapist. I so wish the same to those facing surgery all the very very best.

Thanks again for de-bending my finger!!

Katie, Carlow

“Attending Dr Jenny Lynch for skin removal surgery after significant weight loss remains one of the most positive experiences I have had with a medical professional. Dr. Lynch made me feel assured and comfortable through every step of pre op and post op care. I remain delighted with my results almost 2 years on and am so grateful to Dr. Lynch for the confidence she has given me.”

Kim, Cork

I met Dr. Lynch in April 2018 as a woman who was dealing with the difficulty of having large breasts. From the moment I met her, I knew that she was amazing. Her kindness, respect, compassion and her overall bedside manner made me feel like I had met an angel. De. Jenny Lynch is a talented, humble and overall gifted surgeon. My life has changed beyond my wildest expectation and I owe it all to her.

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