Over time the skin on the upper lids loses its elasticity. This leads to a tired, drooping upper lid that closes the eye space giving a tired look. It may affect your vision and seem worse as the day goes on and if you are tired.  An excellent rejuvenating procedure is to have the excess skin removed. Surgery may also involve the underlying muscle of the eyelid as well as the fat. The scar tends to be well hidden in the crease of the upper eyelid. This procedure may be done under local or general anaesthetic as a day case.

The lower lid surgery involves an incision just under the lower eye lash line. Very little if any skin is removed here but the muscle and fat are addressed beneath the skin. It often involves tightening the lower lid to reduce the laxity of it. This is performed under general anaesthetic.

Cold packs are applied to the eyes post-procedure. Recovery involves a week off work.

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