Enlargement of breast tissue in the male is termed “gynaecomastia”.

Enlargement of breast tissue in the male is termed gynaecomastia. It can develop at various times of changing hormones. It can be very debilitating affecting posture, the ability to take part in team sports and showing a bare chest in public e.g. the pool or the beach is most often avoided.

It usually affects both sides but can be seen on one side only.

To rule out known or common causes of this condition, your doctor can do an examination and check some blood tests related to your hormones before considering surgical correction. Most commonly, no cause is found. Surgery involves making a scar around the areola which may extend onto the skin. This depends on the amount of excess breast tissue and skin present.

Surgery is usually performed under general anaesthetic and may involve a 1 night stay in the hospital. A compression garment is worn for 4 weeks after the surgery.


Gynaecomastia correction gives you  better shape in keeping with the male chest. It allows you to function more confidently on day to day basis. Potential complications after the procedure include infection, swelling, bruising, bleeding, fluid collection at the operated site, visible scars, change in the contour of the area operated, over or under correction, asymmetry and change to the nipple sensation.

The complete list is discussed in more detail at the consultation.